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One of the neatest things you can do is enhance your property is install driveway gate that speak volumes about the residence. When considering wooden gates, keep in mind that wooden gates should serve both: security and decoration.

Fine driveway gate is the most impressive decoration piece of the house, and is the first impression of the property when a visitor comes in. When thinking about security, the idea is to seamlessly integrate security advanced features. The actual feature depends on the gate type and the security level required.The type of driveway gate depends on your preference & the property specification.

Our wooden gates are actually built on metal frame. heavy duty metal gate frame is made from galvanized square posts.  It enables us to beautifully cover the gate with the selected wood design, easily operate the gate, and keep it running for years.

Entrance wood gates represents your property in the front entrance, and gives you an opportunity to enhance your property with small investment. With the right setup, an entrance gate secures the property, and defining bold borders between your property to the public area. it involves foundation & pillars, steady post setup, the gate itself, and the gate access solution.



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