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Three Easy And Cheap Ways To Increase Your Home's Security in Los Angeles

Home security tips for Los Angeles

You want to protect your home, and the people and things within it, but a paid-for alarm system is outside your budget. Don't worry: there are several inexpensive ways to make your home less attractive to thieves.

Warning Signs

The "my scary dog can run faster than you" sign may be one of the most effective theft deterrents, other than — or in addition to — actually owning a scary dog. (Even a small dog prone to barking helps, though.) Regular "beware of dog" signs work too, especially if you add some additional supporting evidence of dog ownership, like leaving a dog bowl outside by your side door.

In lieu of actually signing up for a home security system, you could also just buy the decals and signs from eBay or elsewhere,

Put On A Light Show

Motion-detector lights which turn on automatically if someone triggers them on the perimeter of your home are inexpensive and don't use a lot of energy.

Inside, when you're away on holiday, use a random timer on your indoor lights or TV. You could also leave the radio on all day for long day trips.

Clear Your Landscaping

The more open and exposed your home is, the less attractive it is to burglars. Tall bushes and trees, especially those close to the door and windows, give burglars great cover, so look to keeping thief-hiding landscape to a minimum.

Those are just three cheap ways to make your home more secure. Got any tips of your own?

We always recommend having solid fencing for your yard and a entry gates either form wood or iron gates can increase dramatically to security of your home

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