Los Angeles Guide for building a Wooden Driveway Gate

Wooden gates add ambiance and security to your home. Gates should include features and designs that allow your gate to operate flawlessly into the future.

Consent and Code

Contact your local building department before planning to ensure that the location and design of the gate complies with code, or if consent is needed in your area.


Wooden driveway gates are heavy. Adequate support is one of the most important aspects for longevity and durability. Six-by-six posts are typically required, but four-by-four posts bolted together will also suffice.

Plant the Posts

Step 1

Dig a hole at least 18-inches square, and 36 inches deep. Pour 6-inches of gravel into the hole.

Step 2

Set the post and pour concrete around it.

Step 3

Level and plumb the post with braces that you remove later.

Hinged or Slider

Driveways are wide, typically 10-to-15 foot or more. If your gate opening is over ten feet wide, consider building dual gates that meet in the middle.

Slider Options

Gates don't have to swing on hinges. If you've got the space, a sliding gate might be a better choice. This type of gate works on a track like a sliding glass door.

Hinged Gates

Hinged gates typically swing inward to your property. The best gates swing both directions -- if you have the room. Hardware is available for this type of gate.

Size it Up