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Electric gates are an easy way to ensure the security of private premises and can be used for all sized properties. The design of the automated driveway gates is completely different from traditional gates. The right driveway gate can make a huge difference to your property. In addition to providing your family with both security and privacy, the gates can further enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal. But you have to consider several factors to ensure that you are investing in the right driveway gates that will secure your home over many years.

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But the performance and durability of your entrance will be impacted, if you do not concentrate on simple maintenances. Today’s automatic gate openers are simple to operate and really require very little maintenance, but some maintenance needed for optimal performance.

To keep your gates looking their best, make regular maintenance tasks a part of your routine. Keep hinges and driveway gate tracks well oiled, check to make sure bolts are tightened and watch out for rust spots. To prevent rust on an iron gate, repair chips and scratches quickly. If your gate has a lock, regularly check to make sure it is in good working order. If your gate has battery-operated automatic openers, be sure to check the batteries regularly.

The hinges of the gate needs to be greased at regular intervals. Normally, the hinges are placed where the gates are attached to the wall or post. You can start greasing the hinge by coating the moving mechanism with the lubricant. Also, the moving mechanism needs to be opened and closed several time to allow the grease to enter into other moving parts. It is also advisable to drop some lubricant on top of the hinge, and allow the oil to drip down the entire assembly.

Check for any cracks around the joints and welds and have them repaired as soon as possible. Pivot points should be checked for lubrication. On these, a heavy oil or grease should be applied to the joints to keep them moving as freely as possible.

If you are living under inclement weather conditions, the hinges of your actuator or single-arm gates must be sprayed with a silicon spray. The silicon spray will prevent the freezing up of the hinges during the winter season.

When you do this maintenance on a regular basis, you have to invest a few minutes. But these measures can help you in optimizing the performance of your gates by avoiding major repairs and replacements. Don’t put off enjoying the security and convenience of an automatic gate opener.

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