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5 Feng Shui Front Door & Entrance Tips in Los Angeles

Here are seven practical and easy feng shui front door and entrance tips that will create a great first impression and bring positive energy and unlimited opportunities into your home. These great tips come to us via the best-selling author of Feng Shui Your Life, Jayme Barrett: Front Entrance First Impressions: Your front entrance creates a first impression for you, for others, and for unlimited opportunities to come your way. It sets the intention for the rest of your home. Every time you drive up, your house either emanates an aura of success, abundance, and pride, or a feeling of disarray, laziness, and misfortune. When you are on vacation and drive up to the entrance of a hotel entrance, what immediately goes through your mind? You look at the maintenance of the building, landscaping, cars in the parking lot, and other indicators. You make dozens of evaluations instantaneously. You are either elated with your travel agent or massively disappointed. When the hotel driveway welcomes you with beautiful trees, colorful flowers, a grand water fountain, and a smiling doorman, you are content before you have even stepped into the lobby. In the same way, your home must welcome you, your guests, and all of your opportunities with loving, open arms. Before these "opportunities" ring the doorbell, your goal is to flood them with beauty, happiness, and comfort. While they wait for you to answer the door, give them multiple reasons to generate positive thoughts about you. Create a home that shimmers and stands out from the rest. Front Door Entrance Exam: Step outside your door. What do you see? Does the outside of your home emanate beauty? Notice the upkeep of the paint, roof, and landscaping. A home that is clean and well cared for leaves a lasting impression. The trees, shrubs, and flowers should be thriving and well trimmed. The path leading up to the home must be easily accessible. Clear away bicycles, trash, garbage bins, dead plants, newspapers, water bottles, and broken sprinklers. Turn around to survey your street, neighbors, and community. Healthy energy must surround you. If freeway traffic is bombarding your ears or large oppressive buildings are looming above you, you must deflect their disturbing energy away from your home. Don’t allow unfinished projects in the yard to deplete you. Complete them so you can arrive home to comfort and ease. For just a moment, step outside yourself and judge your home. What kind of person would you say lives here? 7 Feng Shui Tips to Improve Your Front Entrance:

  1. Clear clutter from your yard, pathway and front porch to allow energy to flow into your home.

  2. Re-paint your front door a bright, cheerful color. Red is the feng shui color for prosperity and abundance. Green is the color of nature and money.

  3. Place a tall, healthy plant on either side of your front door. They should not block the entrance.

  4. Hang white lights around your front porch to attract attention to golden opportunities.

  5. Install a water fountain on the right side of your main door to bring fortunate energy in every time you open the door.

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