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Guide for Bi/Trio Folding Gates in Los Angeles Metro

Bi/Trio Folding Gates

Living in Los Angeles is Great,we all love our city !

but some streets ,driveways,lots in LA are pretty small ,and we need to use our spaces smartly.

When it gets to your driveway, space can be an issue and clearance can be a concern , but no worry we have the solution- BI-FOLDING or TRIO-FOLDING GATES

Method manufacture Bi/Tri folding steel gates to look like a normal set of double Gates. We can fully integrate an automated system with these gates with a major advantage being that they are quicker to open and close than conventional gates. As with all our other gates these can be hot dipped galvanized and or powder coated in a variety of colors. We can also primer paint then finish off with a quality top coat, again in a variety of colors.

Key Benefits of folding Gates

These gates are ideal, if driveway space is limited for your car, as each leaf folds in half. If you have an incline rising upwards into the drive that a standard swing gate would bottom out on, the folding design only takes up a small portion of the space solving the problem. If space dictates that a gate can only fold to one side, then we can use two or three leaves that fold back out of the way in one direction.

Some Key Benefits of Gates;

Provides added security Adds elegance to your property Enhances the value of any home or workplace

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